Drake Chemical Superfund Project

Tim started out on the Drake Project as the Maintenance Manager responsible to maintain and repair all the process systems that made up the 45 ton per hour direct fired incinerator.  The Drake Chemical project involved the excavation, soil feed preparation, incineration of soil, testing and backfill of decontaminated soil, scrubbing of the incinerator off-gas, and water treatment of the wet scrubber blowdown.

Tim arrived onsite after the incinerator had been constructed and was in demonstration period, which the system had issues maintaining a reliable utilization.  He identified and implemented corrective actions to fix the problems causing the utilization issues.  The incineration unit went on to demonstrate successful compliance with all EPA protocols and completed the project by destroying PCB and dioxin soil contamination at the site.

As the project progressed Tim was promoted to Thermal Manager where he also led the operations, decommissioning, and demobilization of the incineration unit from the Lock Haven, PA project site.  The system completed the project at 88% utilization and, at the time, was considered one of the largest mobile incineration projects performed in the US.

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